Friday, November 2, 2007

Another 'baby' turned in utero!!!

This just in...on Halloween a sweet Mommy came in and said: "Please help turn this baby, and help her to come out today!"

Minor request...reasonable in as much as she was one week overdue. She was at the point that it was fairly safe to guess that she was pregnant...

The baby had turned 'posterior' and that was making life challenging for both the wee one in the womb and for the mom. So, I applied the Webster Technique (see for complete details), and said a little prayer along with it.

Well, we didn't hear from Mom yesterday or today, so the suspense was killing us. Cheryl my fearless assistant called this Mom's good friend and this was the news:

Yes, she had the baby later that same day, actually at about 3 am Nov. 1st, but less than 12 hours of her visit here at the office AND only in labor for about 90 minutes, AND THE BABY WAS BORN IN THE NORMAL ANTERIOR POSITION!!!

Once again, the body has incredible wisdom if we will simply give it a little help and then get out of the way.

Dr. Bill's current record is 17 for 17 in helping babies to turn in utero prior to birth! The Webster technique has helped thousands of babies to be delivered happier and healthier!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Scary stuff...flu vaccinations...

We'll throw in a couple of halloween pictures...and then some scary stuff about flu vaccines...

Yes, that is my weak attempt at a 'beatnik'-hippie type guy...with hair! Cheryl is the witch and some weird guy named Erin is the goateed one...

An article from the Lancet just this Sept., talked about the dubious benefit that flu vaccinations are to the elderly.

There is little to no evidence that the flu vaccinations are of any benefit to the elderly, but that they may be in fact difficult for their aging immune systems to handle.

A misleading statistic is how many people die each year from the flu. It has been reported as high as 30-40,000 people a year. On a closer look, the actual numbers were only 257 and 753 in 2001 and 2002 respectively. (Flu Deaths Outrageously Exaggerated to Increase Vaccine Sales; Lew, Oct. 9, 2004).

Think at least twice before advising anyone to get the flu vaccine...or it will be scary Halloween time for real!