Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chiropractic and Reflux?

A mother brought in her cute four month old son, and said "I've never been to a chiropractor and frankly don't understand how chiropractic can help my son, but I'm ready to try something else."

She had taken her son to several MDs, received various opinions and medications, but her son was still suffering from reflux several times a day.

I explained how we do our best to 'calm down' the nervous system in people and then work on both the spine, and the stomach to help accomplish that.

This poor little guy probably 'hurled' about 2-3 times in the 10-15 min. consultation and exam. Mom was getting tired of smelling like her son's undigested food all the time.

We found some areas of concern and subluxations on the little guy. While he remained pretty happy on Mom's lap, we gave him his first gentle adjustment, and then two days later a follow up adjustment.

I taught the Mom some things to do to help with his tummy and to calm him down.

After the second visit, his reflux is almost gone. Mom is happier and so is the little bugger. Now they need to work on sleeping better...

Turning the 'power back on full' is what chiropractic is all about!