Saturday, June 30, 2007

Adjusted 3 week old 'inner tube' baby!

Last week I had the privilege of adjusting the cute little 3 week old baby girl whose Mommy had the famous 'inner tube' adjustment by the pool at 40+ weeks!

The mother was still very excited about her first 'non-posterior' delivery in 4 tries. She said how easy the labor and delivery was, and as a result, how easy it was on the wee one.

Typically, newborns have neck and cranial (head) issues from the birth process. This little girl's head was beautifully symmetrical, (yes, we measure it comparing sides), and she needed very little intervention by way of adjustment!

Another testimony of natural child birth in the right position (not posterior, breech or some way other than normal-anterior) is easier on Mom and baby!

Dr. Bill

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