Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ear infections...gone!

We had the pleasure of helping a young 2 and 1/2 year old overcome the chronic ear infections that he had suffered from since he was 3 months old. Mom was tired of giving him antibiotics and the tubes that were put in his ears didn't seem to make much of a difference either.

So, after getting some relief from her low back pain, she brought her toddler in to get checked out.
He had recently had three cycles of ear infections in a row and was dependent on antibiotics each time to help him overcome them.

After a spinal exam and computerized thermal scan, it was evident that he had some subluxations in his neck and upper back areas. He also had congested sinuses and blocked or at least inflamed Eustachian tubes.

He was adjusted gently in both his mid back and neck and then given a massage to his sinuses and the area of his neck relating to the neck lymph nodes and Eustachian tubes.

He came in two days later and was already feeling better and the sinus congestion and ear infections had decreased. By the next week, he was free of the ear infection and sinus challenges.

Now some three months later, he continues to be healthy and happy and free of infections for the first time in his short life.

The body knows how to heal itself...sometimes it just needs a little help.

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