Friday, May 27, 2011

Fever in your child: time to panic or to allow the body to heal?

Dr. Philip Incao in an article regarding this issue stated:

Children’s Health: A Question of Balance: (Pathways magazine, 12/01/2010)

  “Antibiotics, aspirin, ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs cool down and suppress the fire of the immune system so that symptoms subside before the illness has fully worked its way out of the body.

  “In healthy people, the inflammatory response of the immune system rarely gets out of control. In such cases an antibiotic may be called for. Although an antibiotic may be lifesaving, it never heals an inflammation- it only suppresses it. The causes of the inflammation must still be healed after the antibiotic treatment. Otherwise, the immune system may remain weakened."

  Why does a person typically get a fever? It is a signal from the body, a messenger if you will, telling the body that there is a healing crisis going on. It is the body’s attempt to heal, overcome something foreign or toxic that the body needs to get rid of. Attempting to get rid of the fever with an ‘antipyretic’ (or fever suppressing medicine) is like killing the messenger.

  Reactions to medicines and immunizations can produce fevers because the body is attempting to cope with the toxin that has just been introduced to it. The best approach is to be calm and to make your child as comfortable as possible. Keep them warm, well hydrated, and only have them eat when they have an appetite and even then easy to digest foods like broth, the famous chicken noodle soup, herbal teas and juices are good choices.

  Sleep is one of the most powerful elixirs in any healing crisis. Help your child be at ease and they often understand that their body is healing itself. My one son always knew what to eat and in what quantity even when he was a young child.

  -Dr. Bill Lawler

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