Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why does your kid get sick?

Why does your child get sick?

Here are some possible answers:
-doesn’t clean his/her hands enough, etc.

Now here’s a totally different kind of list:
-poor eating habits
-doesn’t sleep enough
-depressed immune system
-too much stress
-decreased nervous system function

What’s the difference between the two lists? One is
-‘outside in’ thinking (Western medicine: treat the symptom approach)
-the other one is ‘inside-out’ thinking.(Eastern medicine or look for the cause approach)

When your child gets a headache, is it because she doesn’t have enough aspirin, Tylenol, or ibuprofen in her body? If that’s not the reason, then why do you give her a ‘pain inhibitor’?

When your child gets a fever, is that a good thing or a bad thing? If it’s a good thing, then 95% of the time you don’t over react or do anything right? Or do you react like it’s a bad thing and give your child an ‘anti-pyretic’ (once again, Tylenol, ibuprofen or aspirin…which and anti-fever…and reduce it).

Inside-outers honor the body’s healing abilities
Outside-inners like to get rid of symptoms immediately

Want to try something different? Find ways to help your child be ‘healthier’…
-eat better
-sleep more
-get their nervous system checked by a pediatric chiropractor
-(like you did with a pediatric dentist for their teeth)
-find ways to de-stress
-get them out in nature more and around the TV and video games less

Symptoms are actually good. Their like the warning lights in your car telling you to pay attention and find out how you can help treat the body better.

Get the picture?

Our bodies were made to be healthy. We just need to help them out from time to time and not make it worse with all kinds of medicines and over the counter crap from the drugstore.


Benoy'AlterEgo said...

Invariably, our lifestyle creates symptoms that we tend to mask with medicine instead of treating the root cause. Most of the time (99%) of ailments can be cured by what I call the old standbys - healthier food and more activity/exercise.

'Nuff said. I've got to get in the car to drive over to my exercise place otherwise I won't exercise.....

Dr. Bill Lawler said...

Well said Sir...we have become a bit 'lazy' by thinking that we can just cover up symptoms with drugs or medications and not worry about changing our lifestyle.

There was an old 'Wizard of Id' cartoon that went like this:

"Hagar visits the Dr...he is told that he is overweight, needs to exercise, eat better, etc. When he goes home, his wife asks how the visit went. Hagar responds:"I need to find a new Dr."!