Monday, January 23, 2012


Sandra said...

My kids have all had this junk in their heads too, with their ears hurting but no fever. So I've been having them do the massages on their face and all the things you said. It does take time and so many mothers want a quick fix and feel that the medicine will do it. There have been times when the doctor gave me medication and I didn't give it to my kids, like once when they had to get stitches on a finger. I didn't give them the antibiotic because I wanted to let the body do it's work. Some times we have to go to a doctor but we don't always have to take the medication.

Dr. Bill Lawler said...

Good for you Sandra. It sounds like you are doing a great job with your kiddos.

A couple of good things to do for children with ear issues:
1. Get a garlic/oil drop from your local health food store and put that in your child's ears if inflammed.
2. Use hydrogen peroxide to get some of the built up wax out. Same idea, put a drop or two will bubble and be cold, but it will also get some gunk out.