Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Helping a baby 'turn' naturally while in-utero

I just had a unique and brand new experience after 25 years of practice. While at a water park, I saw an acquaintance that I hadn't seen in a while. She was obviously pregnant (swimsuits have a way of making that even more obvious than regular clothes) and she immediately said that she was happy to see me.

She had been thinking about coming in to see me at the office because she had heard from her sister in law that I could help 'turn' a baby who wasn't in the 'normal' presentation position while the baby was still in-utero.

I said that was true, and she even knew it was called the "Webster Technique". (Named after the founder of the technique and the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Assoc, Dr. Larry Webster). She then asked if I could help her right then and there as she was 2 days past her due date and the baby was in a 'posterior' position.

I said that I'd love to help her, but that she would have to lie face down, and I hadn't brought my adjustable table to the water park. Her husband then said, "How about using one of those inner tubes?" I said, "Well, why not?"

So, I had this 40 week pregnant mom lie down on the inner tube by a picnic table a little bit off to the side of the water park as the park was closing down. The Webster technique evaluates whether there is tension on the major ligaments that support the uterus: uterosacral, broad, and round ligaments.

In a very gentle and simple procedure there is light pressure applied to the sacrum and then to the opposite side on the abdomen addressing the different ligaments. Dr. Webster had over a 90% success rate with over 1000 pregnant moms. I personally have had the same rate but with only about 15 documented moms.

This is a far better approach than a medical procedure known as external cephalic version. The medical practitioner tries to turn the baby externally which can be very uncomfortable and can cause serious side effects.

To check out a Webster certified practitioner near you, go to www.icpa4kids.com. There is also an excellent article on the Webster technique in the ICPA's quaterly magazine Pathways new this month.

Tell your friends and others that there is an easy natural way to help a baby 'unwind' and go to the optimal position for birthing.

Dr. Bill


The Holyoaks said...

So, you didn't say whether the baby in the park was able to be turned or not!

Dr. Bill Lawler said...


The 'Water Park' lady came back into my office just yesterday where I gave a much better 'Webster Technique' adjustment...

I haven't spoken with her since, and don't believe she has delivered yet.