Friday, December 3, 2010

10 Myths and Truths About Vaccinations

Myth #1: “Vaccinations are safe”

Truth #1: “Vaccination causes significant death and disability at an astounding personal and financial cost to uninformed families.”

Myth #2: “Vaccines are very effective”

Truth #2: “Evidence suggests that vaccination is an unreliable means of preventing disease.”

Myth #3: “Vaccines are the reason for low disease rates in the US today…”

Truth #3: “It is unclear what impact, if any, that vaccines had on 19th and 20th century infectious disease declines.”

Myth #4: “Vaccination is based on sound immunization theory and practice…”

Truth #4: “Many of the assumptions upon which immunization theory and practice are based are unproved or have been proven false in their application.”

Myth #5: “Childhood diseases are extremely dangerous”

Truth #5: “Dangers of childhood diseases are greatly exaggerated in order to scare parents into compliance with a questionable but highly profitable procedure.”

Myth #6: “Polio was one of the clearly great vaccination success stories…”

Truth #6: “The polio vaccine temporarily reversed disease declines that were underway before the vaccine was introduced; this fact was deliberately covered up by health authorities. In Europe, polio declined in countries that both embraced and rejected vaccine.”

Myth #7: “My child had no reaction to the vaccines so there is nothing to worry about…”

Truth #7: “The long term adverse effects of vaccinations have been virtually ignored, in spite of direct correlations with many chronic conditions.”

Myth #8: “Vaccines are the only disease prevention option available”

Truth #8: “Documented safe and effective alternatives have been available for decades. (However they have been systematically attacked and suppressed by the medical establishment.”

Myth #9: “Vaccinations are legally mandated and unavoidable”

Truth #9: “Legal exemptions from vaccinations are available for many- but not all- US citizens.”

Myth #10: “Public health officials always place the public’s health above all other concerns…”

Truth #10: “Many of the public health officials who determine vaccine policy profit substantially from their policy decisions.”

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