Monday, November 8, 2010

Allowing the Body to Heal Itself

Here are a few natural remedies for some common health challenges:

Allergies - Freeze dried nettle, acidophilus, black walnut (for parasites)

Asthma - Ephedra/licorice (anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic, decongestant, etc)

Bed Wetting - Horsetail tea (bladder), chamomile tea (emotional stress)

Colds/Coughs - Zinc, Emergen'C, eucalyptus/tea tree oil, pulsatilla

Constipation - Aloe vera juice, senna leaf tea, licorice, more greens in diet, less dairy

Diarrhea - Acidophilus, charcoal, more greens in diet

Ear Infections - Garlic oil (warmed), collodial silver (kills bacteria)

Fever - For infant-- white willow bark tincture enemas or (sometimes) let nature take its
course. Fever is a sign that the body is killing the infection and taking care of the problem all on its own. Just watch the temperature.

Flu- Boiron Oscillowcocinum, bathe in apple cider vinegar and wrap around calves, zinc, Apple cider vinegar drink (8 oz water 2t ACV, pinch cayenne, 2t honey)

Headache- More water, peppermint oil (on temples and base of neck)

Heartburn- If frequent, Hawthorne berry tea, more greens in diet, low dairy intake

Hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD) - Hyland's calms forte, lower sweet or refined foods, GLA, magnesium, exercise, B-Complex vitamin supplement

Immune System (weak) - More greens in diet, acidophilus, garlic, echinacea, Emergen'C

Sinus Congestion - Collodial silver (sprayed or dropped up nose), bathe in ACV (20 min and increase water intake afterwards)

Stomach problems - Licorice-- stomach pain reliever (if long term, take DGL licorice), aloe vera juice, peppermint tea

Strep Throat - Xylitol (kills virus in mouth), ACV drink, Emergen'C, honey lemon tea, Echinacea, mullein and lobelia at onset

Tonsillitis - Zinc, acidophilus, garlic capsules, Echinacea, honey lemon tea (soothes and heals throat), ACV drink, bathe in ACV

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